AATech uses interview, survey, and on-site observation as tool to best assess the real needs of the business entity, non-profit organization, or rural community.

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AATech facilitates strategic planning, conducts feasibility studies, and develops business plans for business entities, non- profit organizations, and rural communities. 


In 2010, Apex Applied Technology, Inc. (AATech), a minority owned small consulting firm,  was founded to offer holistic solutions to foster new and existing small and minority owned agricultural and food businesses. AATech has actively advocated on behalf of minority groups for Federal funding and supports.  Since 2010, AATech has initialed and managed 20+ federally funded projects/programs and assisted hundreds of minority farmers, ranchers, and food business owners in the State of Arizona.


AATech develops and implements applied technologies to improve the well-being and life quality of remote rural communities in Arizona.

AATech develops implementation plan that are tailored to the real needs of the organization / community and help them reach their goals and objectives.

AATech oversees the implementation of the entire project or program.